We pride ourselves in working closely with each and every one of our clients to tailor-make every project we take on. By starting on the same page, we know what you want and expect and you know what is achievable and what avenues are open to explore.

We are more than happy to look into some of the bigger aspirations of our clients. Maybe there is that one blog you’ve always dreamed of appearing on? One magazine that has been your goal from the get go? We do our best to find an angle to make your brand applicable or we can suggest alternatives that may be better suited to the style and feel of your product.

We work relentlessly to keep up to date with changes in media; fads, crazes, virals, music charts…. and after looking at options we gather together all of our thoughts and ideas and put them down in black and white for you to browse over.


Throughout each campaign, we are always looking out in case we can expand on what we have already proposed.

Mid campaign maybe you change your mind and you feel like you want to take it in a different direction. We can factor that in to the continued campaign and make sure that you are going only to places that you feel is right for you and your image.

Maybe an initial idea had started small, but now we see potential to take it to the next level, we are happy to put in all the extra groundwork to achieve to our absolute maximum potential. One avenue can always lead to another, and we pride ourselves on following each and every path until every single option has been covered.

As your brand grows more and more possibilities become viable, and with our knowledge and experience across the board of publicity and events, we can nurture you from the initial spark of an idea and your first product, all the way through to the peak of your success..


We offer a regularly updated web portal so you can log in and check in on progress or if you’d prefer it old school a written report direct to your inbox.

You can see where your brand is getting pictured or written about, to whom we have sent your products and with a single click send us a direct email letting us know your thoughts, or why not pick up the phone to speak with us directly, as we know that sometimes it’s great just to be able to catch up person-to-person or face-to-face.

Each campaign is finished with a comprehensive list of coverage. The final report will detail a log of activity that has been carried out.

We like to establish happy, productive and on-going relationships with all our clients, doing what is best for you and getting you the results you need, is what is best for us too!