January 2020.

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Feb 3:

  • Festvial press release and news sent out to Pineapple PR festvisal mailing list of 42 key journalists.
  • Accreditation form opened for photographers and journalists
  • Music News info added to reporting
  • Conversation with Alan Woods at WHT and The Comet started for features.
  • Intro asked to headliners to gain maximum noise about the booking.

Feb 4:

  • Summer Festvial guide lisiting arranged
  • Closer magazine ticket comp confirmed. Date TBC
  • Prices chased on Tokens and wristnands as Chinese New Year is done with
  • Women’s Weekley approcahed for ‘things to do with the family’ feature
  • Heat maagzine approached for features

Feb 6:

  • Press release and dates sent to the Festival Calendar (sumited and awaiting approval)
  • Press release and dates sent to the UK festival guide (sumintted and awaiting approval)
  • Press release and dates sent to the E festivals
  • Press release and dates sent to the Music Festival Wizard

Feb 10:

  • Killer Queen chased
  • Headliner contact chased
  • Call with Music News to prolong the mail features.
  • Pushed Wayne from Killer Queen for video assets and interview availability
  • Lising going live on – print fewstvial guide is also an option.

Feb 11:

  • Catch up with Dave and Nat
  • Prices sent over for wirstbands
  • Free stock gained from Jagermeister.  Looking for some investment also
  • Grapevine online lisitng confirmed.

Feb 13:

  • GRAPEVINE print festival guide confirmed.  Artwork requested
  • UK Festival guide is live
  • eFestvials feature chased
  • Database of national and reginalo weekly publications being put together.

Feb 18:

  • Artwork for Grapevine requested
  • Photo received of Killer Queen with Queen for use.
  • Competitions and live dates chased
  • Monkey shoulder proposal in and discussed

Feb 19:

  • Londonist contacted for listing and comp
  • Desgin my night contacted for listing and comp

Feb 21:

  • Londonist comp approved
  • Re-sent out press release to key contacts for feature.
  • Comet and WHT chased for news (Alan Woods)

Feb 24:

  • Database of regional press put together including the likes of, but not limited to:  Herts Villager, Saint Albans Review
  • Meeting sheduled for Tuesday 25th at 1 PM

Feb 26:

  • Convo started with for sponsorship
  • Regional press chased
  • Bloggers and influencers being considered in right demographic

Feb 27:

Feb 28:

  • Confirmed festure on socials and website for Official Queen Fan Club

March 3:

  • Meeting with Nat
  • Alan Davies at the Comet and WHT cahsed and sent Quen picture.

March 4:

  • Killers Fan sites contacted:
  • Cups chased

March 5:

  • Sponsors chased and cup order chased.
  • Press release sent to a wider database including fan sites and forums

March 9:

  • Comet chased again
  • E-festvials online confirmed and lsiting live.

March 11:

  • Sponsor update sent via email