Pineapple PR has worked with three independent festivals in 2019 to help raise awareness and carry out a full PR strategy for them. Back of beyond Festival, Wilkestock Charity Music Festival and Camden Rocks* (*sponsorship only).

For Wilkestock, Pineapple was not just a PR company, Pineapple also manufactured the festivals wristbands, cups, programmes, lanyards and gained them sponsorship for the first time ever from high-level brands including Sailor Jerry Rum and for the second year running, created an immersive backstage area for artists and press alike.

The press gained pre and post-festival was enormous – ranging from Glamour Magazine to BBC news, DIY Mag and many more.  The results can be seen here on our Instagram feed.

‘Pineapple has become a one-stop-shop for independent music festivals and now has a growing roster for 2020. We believe in becoming part of the team and not strangling them financially, but to also save them money on things they would have made and paid for before’.

At Back of Beyond Pineapple also became a last-minute Artist Liaison, killing artists with kindness and looking after all of their needs.


It’s important for artists to get a warm welcome and a smile when they arrive onsite at your festival.  They might be tired, pissed off or just in a bit of a mood.  So we always ensure they feel comfortable, welcome and have everything they need.  Most importantly we like to ensure they aren’t waiting around to get in and are on stage on time!


If you haven’t got a dressing room compound, or if you have, we like to install an artist bar and comfortable communal area for them to relax in.  Want to save on riders?  We are are the company for you.  Our bar is fully stocked with everything they could want or need.


You may be considering fancy wristbands for your festival, but they don’t come cheap.  We are pretty good at getting a brand to sponsor these and front the cost for you, but more so…if you have to buy them, we have. a proven track record of cutting UK companies prices in half without sacrificing any quality.


Press covers two main categories, online and print. Your target market best decides which type is most relevant to you. We scope out which papers, magazines, blogs and websites will be most likely to feature your festival and then get in touch.  We can even throw a launch party and invite them all down so they can get a feel for the festival and make it personal.


Same as your wristbands, we can seriously cut the cost of all your festival merch in half.  INcluding, cups, t-shirts, flyers, programmes, lanyards, everything you can think of.  Again, we do our best to find a sponsor to pay for these items for you, but if w can’t, we can still ensure you aren’t paying a lot for them.


Who doesn’t want extra income and added value?  We have gained sponsorships for festivals for over 5 years and have worked with the biggest and the best. It isn’t always about the money, it’s about what they can save you and also how much they can amplify your festival to your potential audience and get more tickets sold.