Advertising is the introduction of your product to media and potential consumers, we can advise the best places to consider utilising your budget and can negotiate the best prices and deals using our established relationships and knowledge of print and online press. Options extend beyond this depending on budget, so please enquire for more information.


We have worked extensively with all kinds of clients, brands and products and have seen many grow from a tiny seed into a whole tree and then, into a whole forest. If you’re a new brand and you’re looking for a plan of action, we can help with that; if you’re an established brand and want to take a new direction, grow or get some new ideas, we can help with that too. 


You may be considering a brand launch, product launch or press day. Every member of our team has worked with multiple venues, alcohol sponsors, licensees, indoors and outdoors, large and small. If you want an event on a budget or you’re looking for something that will blow people away, get in touch and we can help create the perfect party and have the right people there.


Press covers two main categories, online and print. Your target market best decides which type is most relevant to your product. We scope out which papers, magazines, blogs and websites will be most likely to feature your product and then get in touch, as with seeding our relationships have been established over many years, and we endlessly continue to create an up to date database.  


Seeding is gifting your product to bands, celebrities, people of interest, sports personalities and everyone in between that will get your brand/product noticed and exposed. We discuss your target market and then provide you with a selection of people whom we think may help bring awareness to your product. The relationships we have with people we gift to have been established over many years and includes stylists, managers, agents and in most cases these days the POI themselves.  If you want to see your product on a real person in music videos, on stage, in magazines etc. then this would be a great option for you to consider.  


Sponsoring events and festivals can be a great way to raise more awareness for your brand and we have the connections and relationships to make that happen not forgetting to also get the best deal.  By being on the ground at the event we can maximise the opportunity and exposure for you and the brand.