Pineapple PR is a specialist Public Relations, Brand Building, Publicity, Celebrity Seeding, Festivals and events company specialising in bringing new and existing brands to life in the media and the public eye.

We are one of a very few companies in the UK with access to the hottest musicians, celebrities and UK festivals, to get your brand out there to millions of potential new customers.

We continue to do constant research and vigilantly follow all avenues of publicity to make sure we never miss an opportunity to get your brand in the spotlight, working relentlessly to stay up to date with new contacts and features that may be relevant to our field.

With over two decades experience between our founders covering an expansive range of brands, bands, events, venues, business’ and personalities we have the knowledge to make sure that your campaign is a success.

Unlike many PR companies we remain selective as to whom we take on as a client; this ensures our relationships with all of our contacts stay viable and authentic, we can’t push a brand or product their way if we do not believe it is up to standard. If your brand is right for us, this also ensures we have as much passion about the project as you do and means we never have too many projects on at one time to detract from giving your product the attention it deserves and you have invested in.

We bet you won’t find a PR company with as much zest, sizzle, passion, motivation, cheer and dedication as we consistently put out here at Pineapple!

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